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We are with you from the beginning of the home buying process to the closing.  And, it doesn't stop there - we are your local friends and resource for years to come.

The necessary steps in the home buying process: 


When you start to look for a property

  • Meet with a mortgage lender and get pre-qualified and better yet, pre-approved for a mortgage 
  • Review and sign Buyer Broker Agreement with US (Urban Specialists) 
  • Find the home you're looking to make home or investment property

Making an Offer 

  •  Have your pre-qualification/pre-approval letter ready
  • Review the property disclosure, lead paint disclosure etc.
  • Make sure you have enough cash in your checking account to cover the initial and second earnest money deposit
  • G. Interview attorneys
  • H. Interview inspectors 
  • Once your offer is accepted 
  • Provide the second deposit check 
  • Secure an attorney
  • Secure a home inspector and schedule inspection
  • Start your mortgage application (you usually will have 30 days to complete it)
  • If purchasing a condominium, review the Condo Resale Documents 
  • Watch the dales - we will guide you through the process but be aware of your deadlines 
  • After the inspection takes place, review the report. Consult with US about the report and the response to it. 

About 3 weeks before closing 

  • Shop for home insurance.  Your mortgage lender and attorney will need the information on insurance as well. 

About 5-7 Days before closing 

  • Call utility companies to switch utilities of your new home into your name

  • Remember to notify your Post Office about your address change

About 1-2 Days before closing

  • Find out from your attorney how much money you will need to bring to the closing 
  • ​Ask  your attorney where and what time the closing is scheduled
  • Do the final "walk through" inspection of the property you are purchasing (usually done right before the closing)
  • Bring your new house insurance policy 

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